Friday, November 14, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Team UBET Utah 2008 Archery Elk

(Left-Right) Myself, Lane Earl, Andy Adamson, and Burt Bird are team UBET (at least that's what I called us this day) We are all employed with UBTA-UBET communications here in the Uintah Basin.

Andy killed this bull at 52 yards in the High Uintas open bull unit here in Utah. Burt Bird was kind enough to take us into an area he has hunted most of his life. Andy and I both had archery tags.

We hit the trail-head at 4am, threw on some day packs and head-lamps and hiked in 4 miles to a beautiful High Uintas meadow. Among some of the other young bulls we had seen that morning but spooked, we spotted this bull with 2 others before they had seen us. We played the wind and came up with a plan to try and call the bulls in.

We stalked within 100-150 yards of the bulls in some thick cover with one small opening. Andy and I set-up out front about 50-60 yards apart with Lane and Bert setting up about 100 yards behind to do some cow calling. As I was finding a spot to sit and get set-up, I figured I'd let out a few soft cow calls to get the bulls attention and get them headed our way. Lane began to chirp in as well. The plan was for Lane and Burt to do the calling after Andy and I got comfortable and ready but I had started our calling routine a little too early. I wasn't use to the fact that somebody else would be doing the calling and I was hunting. It's usually been the opposite for me. Thus my excuse for a few soft cow calls right off the bat.

I couldn't believe it when I heard Andy shoot and the sound of hooves running off. It couldn't have been more than 30 seconds from the initial cow calls, and Andy said these bulls came running in. If only it was always like that. I was using the Primos Hyper-Lip single and Lane was using a Hootchie Mama. Primos Hunting Calls "Speak the Language!"

Nice job Andy! Congratulations on your first bull elk with a bow and arrow. A big thanks to Burt "The Savage" Bird for taking us into the area and to Lane for some calling and tracking.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Stay tuned! I'm working to add more hunting pictures and stories to this blog!